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Vermont Castings VCS423SSP

9.7 score
Product Image - Vermont Castings VCS423SSP
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The purest of purists will certainly scoff at dropping the big bucks on a gas grill—or even buying one at all. Heck, all some of them need is a grate and a place to put some burning charcoal. But if we're looking at lab results, Vermont Castings' VCS423SSP really does measure up to charcoal's traditional excellence, and it's hard to not be impressed at this hefty built grill and its impressive performance and lengthy feature list.


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  • Side
  • Thermometer
  • Controls
  • Handle
  • Lid open

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Height 49.6 in.
Depth 24.5 in.
Width 56 in.
Available Colors
  • Stainless Steel
Installation Freestanding